Measurement and diagnostics

Reference list (digest 2006 - 2013)
Year Customer Name of project
2010-13 I&C Energo Nuclear Power plant Temelin - Maintenance of diagnostic systems of turbogenerators
and turbo-feeding pumps.

2005-07 ČEZ, a.s. Power plant Melnik - Delivery of the diagnostic system for turbo-feeding pumps for the
power unit 500 MW.
2008-10 ProCs Šala Nuclear Power plant Jaslovske Bohunice - Delivery of the evaluation device of vibrations
of inner parts of generators.
2010-13 SIGMA, Lutín Power plant Ledvice, NZ 660 MW - Delivery of the safety device with the system VIBRO
for a feeding pump unit.
2007-10 SIGMA, Lutín Development of a diagnostic system for pumps.

ČEZ, a.s.
Nuclear Power plant Temelin - Analysis of rotor decelerations of the main circulation
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