Reduction of the operating vibrations of the vertical pump

Description of the machinery
Centrifugal, vertical pump with the electric drive, with the regulation of the revolutions
in the range
of 500 to 990 min-1 – so called wet sump pump.

Increased operating vibrations of the machinery started to appear in the regulation range
during the pump operation. Maximum values of the vibrations were connected with the upper
part of the electric drive and with the specific revolutions.

Natural frequencies are present inside and near the limits of the pump regulation range during the transversal
bending vibration of the whole dynamic system (pump, electric drive, discharge piping, basic plate).

Modification of the pump dynamic system in the way that the pump natural frequencies will not be present
in the regulation range during the bending vibration. This aim was reached by:
- dynamic separation between the pump and discharge piping,
- flexible fixation of the pump,
- increasing of the bending stiffness of the carrier pipe.

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