Torsional analysis of the rotor of the supply machinery

Description of the equipment
Assembly of the supply machinery is consisted of:
- feed pump,
- flexible clutch,
- electric drive,
- gear clutch,
- hydrodynamic clutch with gearbox,
- flexible clutch,
- booster pump.

Task of the calculation
Task of the calculation was to assess the dynamic properties of the rotor of the supply machinery in the term of the torsional vibrations. Calculation and assessment were performed according to the document API 610 and techniques and recommendations stated in API 684.

Description of the calculation model
Calculation model of the rotor assembly is for the torsional analysis consisted of the elements representing the particular shafts and discrete members. Particular shafts are modeled as the beam elements. Discrete members on the shafts are modeled as the mass elements with defined mass and moments of inertia. Other types of the discrete members are spring and damper elements connecting the particular rotors or rotor with the stator.

Solution of the calculation
Calculation of the dynamic properties of the rotor assembly was performed in ANSYS software. Analysis was performed for the whole rotor assembly of the machinery as well as for the particular parts separated by the dynamic flexible member – hydrodynamic clutch with the gearbox. Calculation was performed for "dry" and "wet" rotor of the feed and booster pump.

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