Static analysis of the filter body

Description of the equipment
Analyzed subject was six-chambered textile filter with input distributor piping and output collector including operating clacks. Mechanical particles are in the filter removed from the combustion products during the cleaning process.
Dimensions of the filter body: height 13 m, length 15 m, width 11 m.
Dimension of the input piping: 2.4 x 2.4 m.
Filter is fixed to the single steel supporting frame.

Task of the analysis
Calculation and assessment:
1) displacements of the equipment,
2) stresses in the piping and in the filter body,
3) stresses in the sections of the steel frame,
4) eigenvalues during the buckling analysis,
5) inner resultants in the steel supporting frame.

Loads on the equipment
- inner overpressure and underpressure,
- high operating temperature,
- gravity by the mass of the equipment and combustion products,
- seismic loads.

Assessment of the equipment
Assessment of the equipment was performed acc.:
- EN 13445-3: Unfired pressure vessels, section 3 – filter pressure parts and piping.
- EN 01993-1: Design of steel structures – steel supporting frame.

Calculations were currently performed with the design adjustments of the filter. Calculation led to the re-designing and optimalization of the particular parts in the term of the bearing capacity and stiffness.

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