Calculation of the piping for oil to the pump bearings

Description of the pipeline model
Oil is supplied by the oil pumps from the tank to the equipment bearings through the coolers.
Oil filters are placed between the tank and pumps. Piping of the cooling water supply to the coolers, piping of the oil supply to the tank, draining and deaeration piping of the respective branches are also included in the calculation model
of the primary piping.

Gravity by the mass of the piping, fittings, oil and insulation.
Pressure and temperature of the oil.
Displacements at nodes of the nozzles of the tanks, pumps, filters and coolers.
Response spectra for the level of the room, where the piping is placed.

Stress at piping parts (bends, reducers, T-junctions).
Cyclic strength of the piping parts.
Inner resultants at supports, hangers and grommets of the construction part.
Inner resultants at nozzles of the tanks, pumps, filters and coolers.
Inner resultants at valves.
Maximum displacements of the piping, assessment of possible clash.
Displacements of the tapping points.

Supplementary assessment
Assessment of the valves acc. OTT-87.
Assessment of the bearing capacity of the supporting parts.
Assessment of the strength and lifetime of the grommets of the construction part.
Assessment of the tightness of the flange connections.

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