Calculation of the seismic resistance of the electric drive

Description of the electric drive
Horizontal, footer, three-phase asynchronous electric drive. Framework of the electric drive is of the grey cast iron,
shields are of the spheroidal graphite cast iron.

Task of the calculation
Assessment of the seismic resistance of the mechanical parts of the electric drive
(Calculation forwent the seismic tests of the electric drive).

Gravity by the mass of the particular parts of the electric drive.
Tightening the bolts, axial force from the springs with the bellows.
Loads from the electromagnetic field.
Radial loads from the transferring member of the clutch.
Loads from the equivalent part of the electric cable.
Inertial forces from the seismic event (described by the floor response spectra).

Natural frequencies of the rotor in the transversal and longitudinal direction.
Natural frequencies of the stator.
Rotor displacements, changing of the gap between the rotor and stator bundle.
Axial and radial forces on the bearings.
Stresses in the framework and shields of the electric drive and in the terminal box.
Stresses in the connecting bolts.
Inner resultants in the bolts fixing the electric drive with the supporting frame.

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