Calculation of the machinery for the straightening of the crossings

Crossing is one part of the rail switch. Crossing of the switch enables overcrossing of the rails
and separating of the rails of two different directions.

Analyzed subject was steel supporting framework of the machinery consisted of the operating bench,
two movable frames and supporting member (endstop) placed on the operating bench.

Main load was the maximum force from the vertical and horizontal hydraulic piston.  During the machinery operation oil can be supplied only into one hydraulic piston, other pistons at this time only hold the straightening element.

Endstop can be placed into three positions according to the dimension of the straightening element.
Frames can move along the whole bench. Vertical pistons can be set in any position before the endstop.

Calculation was directed on:
- stresses in the particular parts of the framework,
- stresses in the connecting welds and bolts,
- local displacements between the particular parts,
- bearing capacity of the anchorage bolts between the framework and concrete (HILTI).

The task of the calculation was to optimize the steel supporting framework of the machinery
in the term of its strength and stiffness

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