Calculation of the piping for oil and coke oven gas

Description of the pipelines
Thermal oil at temperature 300°C is supplied by the pipeline from the mixture collector to the exchanger.
Piping has dimension from DN300 to DN100.

Coke oven gas is supplied by the pipeline to the benzole cleaner. Piping has dimension DN1400.

Gravity by the mass of the piping, fittings, medium and insulation.
Pressure and temperature of the medium.
Displacements at nodes of the nozzles of the technological machines.
Wind loads (piping of the coke oven gas).

Stress at piping parts (bends, reducers, T-junctions).
Inner resultants at supports and hangers.
Inner resultants at nozzles of the technological machines.
Maximum displacements of the piping.

Supplementary assessment
Assessment of the piping DN1400 at the saddle supports acc. EN 13445.

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