Calculations of the pipe lines

  • Generation of the calculation models for the customer
  • Strength calculation
  • Design of the piping anchorage
  • Route optimalization in view of thermal expansion and anchorage
  • Insurace of the seismic resistance
  • Assessment of supporting steel structure
  • Assessment of piping components (valves, flange joints, grommets)

Calculations of process equipment
(specializing in pumping sets and pressure vessels)

  • Calculations by the finite element method
  • Analytic calculations according to standards (EN 13445, ASME, PNAE, ...)
  • Creation of the FEM models for the customer

  • Stress-strain calculations
  • Calculations of the temperature fields
  • Calculations of the stability and buckling
  • Dynamic analysis

  • Assessment of the static strength, cyclic strength, stability
  • Assessment of the residual lifetime
  • Assessment of the resistance to the unstable fracture
  • Assessment of the seismic resistance
  • Assessment of the functional capability in a seismic event
  • Assessment and design of the construction anchorage
  • Assessment of the tightness of flange joints
  • Documentation of the classified equipment for the nuclear power engineering
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