Basic data

Identification data

Co. ID No.: 60321512
Tax ID No.: CZ60321512


Dystiff s.r.o. is incorporated in the Trade Register kept by the Regional Commercial Court in Ostrava, section C,
file 11376.

The limited liability company DYSTIFF was established on 29 November 1993. It was founded by the partners
(ordered alphabetically) Ing. Bohumil Bezoušek, Ing. Stanislav Kudela, Ing. Pavel Marcián, Ing. Richard Matula,
Ing. Lukáš Vašíček and Ing. Jiří Vyroubal.

Activities incorporated in the trade register

  • Technical and engineering activities in the field of the mechanical engineering.
  • Activities of technical consultancy in the field of the mechanical engineering, metallurgy and power plant engineering.
  • Research and development in the field of the natural, technical and social sciences.
  • Testing, analysis measurement and control.
  • Manufacture and repairs of the electrical machines, instruments and low-voltage electronic devices and manufacture
    of the electrical equipment.
  • Hiring of software and consultancy in the field of hardware and software.
  • Goods purchase for the purpose of their resale and sale.

The main subject-matters of the company are technical and engineering activities in the field of the mechanical engineering including a theoretical part (calculations of process equipment and pipe lines) and a part of diagnostics
and monitoring.

Experience in the machinery

Knowledge of the specialists of the company is based on the long experience gained at the SIGMA concern and the Research Institute for Pumps, Olomouc.

The specialists of the company co-operated on the forming the harmonised standards in the field of the pumping technology, vibrodiagnostics and the regulations for the evaluation of the strength and lifetime of the components
in the nuclear power engineering.

Trade mark

The logo of the company DYSTIFF s.r.o. is registered as a trade mark in the register of trade marks under registration number 198587. The trade mark refers to the Technical and Engineering Activities in the field of the Mechanical Engineering and Goods Purchase for the purpose of their Resale and Sale.

Company management

Ing. Jiří Vyroubal

Ing. Pavel Marcián

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