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Reference (2006 - 2013)  
Rok Zákazník Projekt
2008 ČKD EXPORT Praha HP Steam Piping. Balloki 225 MW CCPP. Pakistan.
2009 ČKD EXPORT Praha HP Steam Piping. Muridke 225 MW CCPP. Pakistan.
2007 Energis92 Hradec Králové Steam Piping and Feed Water Piping in Azot Grodno. Russsia.
2009 Hutní projekt Frýdek-Místek Coke Oven Gas Piping DN1400. U.S.Steel Košice.
2008 HYDROSYSTEM project Olomouc High Pressure Admission Piping of Flakes. Russia.
2012 HYDROSYSTEM project Olomouc Stress Analysis of Piping Power Plant DEVA
2008 Intecha Hradec Králové Piping of extractive distillation of benzene.
2011 Intecha Hradec Králové Quench oil piping. Stavrolen, Tomsk. Russia.
2007 Intecha Praha Quench oil Filtration Upgrade. Fina Antwerp Olefins.
2009 Prokop Engineering Brno Pipelines of New Crude Destilation Unit Basrah. IRAQ.
2009 Prokop Engineering Brno Piping PS41 HOSD Paramo Pardubice.
2008 Prokop Engineering Brno Piping of HYLUBE 2 and PURALUBE 2.
2006 Prokop Engineering Brno Revamping VDU 102. BRC Syria.
2011 PROTIS plus Ostrava Gas Pipeline to Boiler House Paskov.
2012 PROTIS plus Ostrava Stress Analysis of Cooling, Connecting and Outlet Steam Piping.
2013 PROTIS plus Ostrava Calculation of Load of Pump Nozzle.
2010-13 SIGMA Lutín Oil Piping Lines to Main Coolant Pump. NPP Mochovce, Units 3, 4.
2010-13 SIGMA Lutín Auxiliary Piping Lines of Main Coolant Pump. NPP Mochovce, Units 3, 4.
2008 Slovnaft Bratislava Suction and Discharge Piping of Pump NQD.
2008 Slovnaft Bratislava High Pressure Steam Piping and Assessment of Loading of Turbine.
2012 SIGMA Slovakia Stress Analysis of Feed and Cooling Piping.
2013 SIGMA Slovakia Stress Analysis of Suction and Discharge Piping of Pump NQD.
2008 Škoda Praha HPFW Piping and HRH Steam. El Kureimat II. Egypt.
2008 Škoda Praha HPFW Piping. New Talkha. Egypt.
2008 Vyncke Frýdek-Místek Air Preheating Piping. Project 1.6314 Balcas. Scotland.
2008 Vyncke Frýdek-Místek Thermal Oil Piping. Project 1.3087 Fibraplac III. Brasil.
2012 Tenza Brno Assessment of Design Supports of Steam Piping in Heating Station Mydlovary.
2012 Modřanská potrubní Slovakia Analysis of Fuel Oil Piping Pump DG1 and DG2. Power plant Mochovce.
2012 Nová Huť – Projekce, Ostrava Stress Analysis of Scavenge Piping of Pan Furnace.
2013 Technoprojekt Ostrava Sulphur Removal Piping of Boilers K3 and K4. Power Plant Třebovice.
2013 Technoprojekt Ostrava Stress Analysis of Connecting Piping of Heating Circuit SJV.
2013 AVS design, Ostrava Feed Water Piping Stress Calculation. SCR Rybnik.
2013 AVS design, Ostrava Design Calculation – Collector Of Heat Delivery Surface.SCR Rybnik.
2013 AVS design, Ostrava Steam Transfer Piping - Stress Calculation. Project Mozyr.
2013 AVS design, Ostrava Stress Analysis of Grid Cooling Piping.
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